Odd Squad multiple episodes (2014, 2015, 2016)
PBS Kids: HD, 11min eps; Sinking Ship Entertainment, Toronto, ON.

The Next Step multiple episodes (2015)
Family Channel: HD, ½hr dance drama; Temple Street Productions, Toronto, ON.

Mr D multiple episodes (2014, 2015)
CBC: HD, ½hr sit-com; Topsail Entertainment, Halifax, NS.

Lost and Found multiple episodes (2015)
Family Channel: HD, ½hr musical drama; Temple Street Productions, Toronto, ON.

The Moblees multiple episodes (2014)
KidsCBC: HD, 11min eps; Shaftesbury Films, Toronto, ON, Boulevard Productions, Halifax, NS.

Heartland multiple episodes (2012, 2013)
CBC: HD, 1hr TV drama, Rescued Horse Six, Seven24 Films, Calgary, AB.

Haven – multiple episodes (2011, 2012, 2013)
Global/NBC SyFy: 35mm, 1hr TV drama; eOne, Piller/Segan/Sheppard, Los Angeles, CA.

Combat Hospital – multiple episodes (2011)
Global/ABC Entertainment: HD, 1hr TV drama; Sienna Films Inc, Toronto, ON.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes – multiple episodes (2004 – 2012)
CBC: multi camera, ½hr current affairs sit-com; DHX Media, Halifax Film Company, Halifax, NS.

That’s So Weird – multiple episodes (2010, 2011)
YTV: HD, multi-camera, ½hr sketch comedy; DHX Media, Toronto, ON., Halifax, NS

She’s The Mayor – multiple episodes (2010)
Vision TV: HD, ½hr sit-com; Hungry Eyes Film, Toronto, ON.

The Latest Buzz – multiple episodes (2008 and 2009)
Family Channel: HD, multi-camera, ½hr sit-com; DeCode Entertainment, Toronto, ON.

G-Spot – multiple episodes (2007)
Showcase: Digibeta, ½ hr sit-com; Serendipity Films, Toronto, ON., Halifax, NS.

Hatching, Matching & Dispatching – multiple episodes (2006)
CBC: Digibeta, ½ hr sit-com; 2M Innovative, St. John’s, NF & Insight Productions, Toronto, ON.

The Truth About… – pilot episode (2006)
CBC: HD, multi-camera, ½hr stand-up sitcom; CBC/Halifax Film Company, Halifax, NS.

Snakes and Ladders (aka Political Animals) – multiple episodes (2003/04)
CBC: HD, 1hr TV drama; Political Productions/Big Motion Pictures, Halifax, NS.

Special Olympics, Commercials (2004)
Various/Cenex Inc: 35mm, 4 x 30 seconds; Agency Bristol, Extreme, Halifax, NS.

Bury The Lead (aka The Eleventh Hour) – multiple eps (2002, 2003)
CTV: Super 16mm, 1hr TV drama; This Just In Prods/Alliance Atlantis, Toronto, ON.

Pit Pony – multiple episodes (1999, 2000)
CBC: 16mm, ½ hr TV drama; Cochran Entertainment, Halifax, NS.

Made In Canada (aka The Industry) – multiple episodes (1999 – 2002)
CBC: DigiBeta, ½ hr TV sitcom; Island Edge/Salter Street Films, Halifax, NS.

Lexx, the Dark Zone (2001)
Showtime: HD, 1hr TV sci-fi; DZ4 Productions, Halifax, NS.

Rideau Hall (2001)
CBC: DigiBeta, Pilot, 1hr TV sitcom; Topsail Entertainment, Halifax, NS.

The Itch – multiple episodes (2000)
Comedy Network: DigiBeta, 13 x ½ hr TV sitcom; Salter Street Films, Halifax, NS.

Black Fly – multiple episodes (2000)
Global: DigiBeta, ½hr TV sitcom; Blackfly Productions/Salter Street Films, Halifax, NS.

Black Harbour/Smoke (1998)
CBC: 16mm, 1hr TV drama; Fogbound Films/Topsail Entertainment, Hubbards, NS.

The Divine Ryans (1999)
Keystone Entertainment: 35mm feature film, 1hr 46mins; imagex Ltd. Halifax, NS.

Drumming Up A Little Fun (1986)
Expo ’86 and Canadian Tire: 35mm short film, 2 min.; Champagne Motion Pictures, Toronto, ON.



Producer/First Assistant Director/Production Manager:


Drink, Slay, Love (2016 – First Assistant Director)
Lifetime: Digital, 1.5hr MOW; Sepia Films Inc., Vancouver & Vernon, BC.

Hatching, Matching & Dispatching (2004 – First Assistant Director)
CBC: Digibeta, 1hr comedy pilot; 2M Innovative, St. John’s, NF & Insight Productions, Toronto, ON.

Aspotogan (2004/05 – Producer/Director)
Development: 35mm feature film; Telefilm Canada, NSFDC, Saffron Productions Inc., Halifax, NS.

Technical Issues for Actors (2000 -2005 Seminar Leader)
Moving Images Group: Multiple One and Two day lectures and workshops, Halifax, NS.

Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion (2003 – First Assistant Director)
CBC Mini Series: 35mm mini series; Tapestry Films & Alliance/Atlantis, Toronto, ON.

Drama Lab (2002 – Seminar Leader)
Moving Images Group: ‘The Directors Role’; 8 weekly 3hr seminars for professionals, Halifax, NS.

Julie Walking Home (2002 – First Assistant Director)
Overseas Film Group: 35mm. feature film; imX Communications/Das Werk, Halifax, NS, Poland

Deeply (2000 – Associate Producer, First Assistant Director)
Odean Films Ltd: 35mm feature film; Bellwood Film & TiMe Film GmbH; Toronto, ON;  Munich, Ger.

Nova Scotia First Works (2000 – Course Designer/Workshop Leader/Lecturer)
Eight week program for disadvantaged youth, Shelburne Film Production Centre, Shelburne, NS.

New Waterford Girl (1999 – First Assistant Director)
Odeon Films Ltd: 35mm feature film; Sienna Films Inc & imX Communications, Toronto, ON; Halifax, NS.

Major Crime (1997 – First Assistant Director)
CBC: 35mm mini series.; Salter Street Films & Lucas Films, Halifax, NS; Toronto, ON.

Assistant Directors Workshop (1997 – Seminar Leader)
Moving Images Group: series of advanced lecture/seminar workshops, Halifax, NS.

Black Harbour (1996/97 – First Assistant Director)
CBC: 16mm episodic; Topsail Entertainment/Alliance Communications Corp,; Halifax, NS; Toronto, ON.

Calm At Sunset (1996 – First Assistant Director)
CBS: 35mm mini series; Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions Inc; Los Angeles, CA; Halifax, NS.

Lexx, the Dark Zone (1995/96 – First Assistant Director)
Showtime: Digibeta, 4x 2hr sci-fi MoWs; DZ4 Productions & TiMe Film GmbH, Halifax, NS; Munich, Ger.

Terminal Justice (1995 – First Assistant Director)
Promark Entertainment Group Ltd: 35mm feature film.; Spectacor Films; Los Angeles, CA; Toronto, ON.

Margaret’s Museum (1995 – First Assistant Director)
Astra Cinema: 35mm feature film; Malofilms Inc & imX Communications, Quebec, PQ; Halifax, NS.

When Night Is Falling (1995 – First Assistant Director)
October Films Ltd: 35mm feature film; Crucial Pictures & Alliance Communications, Toronto, ON.

TekWar (1994 – First Assistant Director)
USA Network/CTV: 35mm 1hr episodic; Atlantis Films, Toronto, ON.

Mary Sillimans War aka The Way of Duty (1994 – Production Supervisor)
Heritage Films USA: 35mm MoW; Citadel Films Inc, Halifax, NS.

I Love a Man in Uniform (1993 – First Assistant Director)
IRS Media: 35mm feature film; Miracle Pictures & Alliance Communications Corp, Toronto, ON.

Saying Goodbye (1993 – Production Manager/First Assistant Director)
CTV: 16mm ½hr episodic x 6; Insight Pictures, Toronto, ON.

Canadian Film Centre (1992/93 – Programme Director)
Senior Management, Re-organize and Supervise Curriculum/Associate Lecturer, Toronto, ON.

North of Pittsburg (1992 – First Assistant Director)
ACME Films International: 35mm feature film; 2nd Canoe Productions, Vancouver, BC

Buried On Sunday (1992 – First Assistant Director)
Salter Street International: 35mm feature film; Salter Street Films, Halifax, NS

The Crossing – Rita MacNeil (1992 – Line Producer)
BBC: multi-camera/betacam, 1hr special; Salter Street Films, Halifax, NS, BBC, Glascow, Scotland

CODCO (1988 -1990 – Producer)
CBC: betacam, ½hr sketch comedy; Salter Street Films, Halifax, NS

Buying Time (1989 – First Assistant Director)
Arista FIlms: 35mm feature film; Louis George FIlms, Toronto, ON

Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick (1988 – First Assistant Director)
Southgate Entertainment: 35mm feature film; Steven Foster Films, Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, MAN

Life Classes (1986 – Producer)
Independent: 35mm feature film; Picture Plant, Halifax, NS.

Music Videos and Commercials (1984-86 – Dir/ Prod/First A.D./Prod. Man.)
Various Canadian Record Co.’s: 35/16mm various artists x 65; Champagne Motion Pictures, Toronto, ON.



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